Good Morning DFW!

I love my job!  I REALLY mean it, I….LOVE…..MY……JOB!!!!!! For the last 3 1/2 years I have been out of radio and have been totally miserable!  Radio is my life and it feels so good to be doing it again and to be doing it at a radio station that I love…KHYI!!!  A lot of folks still call up and ask me. “Hey what happened to Chance?”  Here’s the full story, back at the end of March, first of April of this year, I got an email that said that Josh wanted to talk to be about an opportunity with KHYI…I jumped at the chance to talk to him about it.  When we met he told me that Chance wanted to really focus on his music career and would I be interested in doing mornings.  I was obviously interested, but I had to talk it over with my wife and I wanted to call Chance cause he and I are friends to make sure he was okay with it.  Well long story short, Chance is getting ready to promote his new album and I’m still growing back into my morning shoes…my Chuck Taylor All Stars if you will!  Hang on folks the ride is just warming up!


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