What Your Brunch Order Says About You

What you have for brunch is more than just a food preference, it’s a deeply revealing eye into your personality. Or so says Huffington Post, which has published a column featuring various brunch items and what they say about the person ordering them (click link for the full list):Eggs Benedict. “You’re indulgent…You’re a cocktail at breakfast kind of person.“Scrambled Eggs. “You’re traditional–sometimes to a fault.“Pancakes. “You always look great, even if you’re not in the best mood or feeling so hot.“Breakfast Burrito. “You’re a party animal and you’re not afraid to show it.“Bagel & Lox. “You’re a New Yorker–or you should be.“Burger. “You’re aggressive.“ (Also: Maybe Burger King’s not crazy!)Waffles. “You’re irresistible. People want to be with you at all times.“Huevos Rancheros. “You’re a thrill-seeker. If you’re not living on the edge, you’re not living at all.“

The Truth About What Your Brunch Order Says About You: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/09/brunch_n_5289708.html?&ncid=tweetlnkushpmg00000067


What’s your favorite breakfast or brunch item?


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