20 Things Every Man Should Be Able to Do in His Twenties

Sup, bro! You’re in your twenties now; getting dad to cut you a check for “textbooks“ and pouring a girl’s keg cup aren’t going to cut it anymore. It’s time to be a man–or at least enough of a man to master 20 key things that BroBible says every dude in his twenties should know how to do to do. Here are 10 of them click on link for the full list:Turn a steak one time and one time only.Be a generous tipper.Be able to drive a stick.Know how to play chess.Play at least three chords on a guitar.Have the ability to ask a girl who is way out of your league out on a date.Quit drinking cheap alcohol.Have the ability to make a perfect drink, just for your lady.Know how to fillet a fish.Be able to give a compliment.20 Things Every Man Should Be Able to Do In His 20’s | Bro Code, Hot Girls, Funny Stories and Videos, Frat Music, College Stories, Sports News and Videos – BroBible.com: http://www.brobible.com/life/article/things-men-should-do-20s/


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